Profoundly Peaceful Massage by
Certified Massage practitioner Mary Beth Rezek
Massotherapy (Swedish Relaxation):
Savor this restorative massage that utilizes soothing manipulations and deep kneading to rejuvenate the entire body and leave you feeling at peace. 30-90 min. $35-90

Lomilomi Hawaiian:
Traditional Hawaiian massage literally meaning to reconnect with the spirit.  Gentle and deep manipulation to treat misallignments or energetic dysfunction, sore muscles or spasms.  Breathing and energy work is utilized.  This massage ends with hot stones and light percussion of bamboo sticks creating deep relaxation. 60 min. $60

Thai Yoga Massage:
Thai yoga massage combines the best of massage and gentle yoga poses.  It is performed on a mat in comfortable clothing.  It can provide amazing results in reducing stress, easing discomfort and creating profoundly peaceful relaxation.  60 min. $60

Hot Stone:
Melt away tension while warm stones are applied to the body, penetrating heat deep into the muscles to promote the ultimate healing state.  60 min. $75

Energy Work:
As blood circulates in our veins, energy circulates in our meridians.  Disruption to the flow of energy may cause pain and illness. These two forms of energy work promote healing by gentle laying on of the hands at specific points where the body is receptive to receiving it. The client is fully clothed.
    Reiki:  Based on ancient Buddhist teachings, /ray-key/, meaning universal life energy, is a practice of assessing blocked energy and directing healing energy to break apart the negative energy.  This treatment aims to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  45 min. $45
    Integrated Energy Therapy (IET):  Energizing is the process of channeling integrated energy through our human energy field into our cellular memory.  This energy is channeled through the chakras in the palms of the hands to designated placements on the body. Energizing sets the stage for clearing.  Integrating is done by channeling integrated energy through specific accupressure like points.  60 min. $60

Other services offered:
    Chair massage:  Perfect for relaxation with little time to spare or to increase productivity.  Spend 10 minutes treating yourself to stress relief with theraputic massage to neck, back, shoulders and arms. Replenish your spirit by releasing stress where it accumulates most  $10/ea.
    Pamper parties:  On location or by appointment.  45 min. $50
    Aromotherpy:  Add to any of the above services by pampering your senses with pure essential oil individually selected to increase your healing experience and achieve serenity. $5
    Reiki: Further your massage by closing with a 10 minute reiki session that will deepen your restorative state. $10
    Parafin dip:  Warm parafin treatment for help in healing sore joints and dry skin. $5